Help Save the Planet-- Ride a Scooter!

Jul 26, 2019

People look at buying a scooter for all sorts of reasons, but a desire to reduce their carbon footprint is high on the list of reasons to ditch a car and turn to a two-wheel type of daily transport. There are a number of ways that scooters can help save the planet, but it should also be mentioned that riding a scooter is just plain fun. 

Coming and going with a smile on your face is a benefit in and of itself. Having fun while also making a positive environmental statement is just the icing on the cake.

The following are just a few points on the environmental impact of scooters, versus more traditional modes of transport.

Lower Volume of Greenhouse Gasses than Cars

It is true that older scooters released a high number of greenhouse gases into the environment. Our newer models, however, have improved their emissions systems and are far more environmentally-friendly than those of years past. The same can be said for cars, and older vehicles are known to release more greenhouse gases than their newer versions. 

Carbon dioxide, another known air pollutant, is directly based on the amount of gas burned by a given vehicle. Because scooters need less fuel to travel the same distance as a car or truck, the production of carbon dioxide is reduced, making scooters a more environmentally responsible choice.

Scooters do create more hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide than cars, however, and both of those emissions are known to have a negative impact on the breathing quality of air.

Lower Production Investment

Because cars and trucks are so much bigger than scooters, they contain many more components. All of those components must be manufactured before they can be assembled. In addition, many of those components are manufactured in different places, then shipped to the factory where the vehicle is assembled.

All of those production steps have a negative impact on the environment as a whole. Then there is the transportation impact to consider, as shipping cars and trucks from the place of assembly to the dealership will put even more pollutants into the environment.

By choosing a scooter, the environmental impact of all of those steps is reduced, simply due to the relative size of both vehicles.

Fewer Parts in Landfills

Once a vehicle has outlived its useful lifespan, it must be disposed of. Here again, the relative size of scooters versus cars and trucks makes the scooter a more environmentally-friendly choice. All vehicle manufacturers have increased their dedication to using recycled materials in producing new products, so there are certain components of both scooters and cars that can be recycled.

That said, some parts will still end up in the landfill. Choosing to ride a scooter means that fewer pieces and parts will ultimately find their final home in a landfill, making the scooter the clear winner when it comes to disposal.


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