Scooter Accessories

Extreme Motor Sales offers scooter accessories including tank bags, Stereo's, LED Light Kits, locks, maintenance items, oils, cleaners, tire balance beads and more.

Scooter moped accessories can enhance your riding experience, safety, and style. There are numerous accessories available for sale that cater to different needs and preferences. 

Here's a list of common scooter moped accessories you might consider:

  1. Helmet: A DOT-approved helmet is essential for safety. Choose one that fits well and provides adequate protection.

  2. Gloves: Riding gloves offer grip, protection, and comfort while controlling the handlebars.

  3. Jacket and Riding Gear: Invest in protective clothing like armored jackets, pants, and riding suits to safeguard against road rash and impacts.

  4. Reflective Vest or Clothing: Enhance visibility to other drivers, especially at night, by wearing reflective gear.

  5. Eye Protection: Goggles or sunglasses shield your eyes from wind, debris, and sunlight.

  6. Locks and Security: Ensure your scooter's safety with sturdy locks and security systems.

  7. Storage Solutions: Top cases, saddlebags, and under-seat storage compartments provide space for your belongings.

  8. Phone Mounts and Holders: Mounts enable safe GPS navigation and communication while riding.

  9. Windshields and Screens: Windshields offer protection from wind and road debris, enhancing comfort on longer rides.

  10. Rain Gear: Waterproof suits and covers keep you dry during wet weather.

  11. Tire Repair Kits: Carry a tire repair kit for quick fixes in case of a puncture.

  12. USB Chargers: Install USB chargers to keep your devices powered while riding.

  13. Handlebar Grips: Customize your scooter's look and improve grip with stylish handlebar grips.

  14. LED Lighting: Upgrade your lighting for improved visibility and a unique appearance.

  15. Helmets Locks: Helmet locks secure your helmet to the scooter when parked.

  16. Kickstand Pucks: These prevent your kickstand from sinking into soft surfaces.

  17. Maintenance Tools: Basic tools like tire pressure gauges, wrenches, and chain lubricants are essential for maintenance.

  18. Riding Cameras: Document your rides with helmet or bike-mounted cameras.

  19. Comfort Accessories: Seat cushions, backrests, and foot pegs enhance riding comfort.

  20. Tank Pads: Tank pads protect your scooter's paint and add a touch of style.

Items: 112 of 23, per page
Items: 112 of 23, per page