Not Just for Fun: Your ATV Can Work For You!

Jun 8, 2016

An ATV is typically associated with outdoor fun, but did you know that you can also put it to work? ATV's are extremely versatile, a great investment and useful for a host of projects. Our 250cc model is especially useful for odd jobs as it has a place to mount a universal hitch. 

With a few accessories, you can turn your ATV into anything from a snow plow to a garden cart. Here are only a few ideas of how you can put your new ATV to work.


Snow Plowing

There is nothing more exhausting than trying to shovel snow from the driveway or sidewalks, especially in below freezing weather. You can get rid of all that snow quickly and easily with a heavy duty ATV snow plow.

Not only is it quicker to use your ATV for snow removal, but you can also use it to get through snow-covered ground, which means no more trudging through the snow to get to your outbuildings. Simply hop on your ATV and ride.

Camping and Hunting

If you love spending time camping, you also know how much of a hassle it is to haul your supplies to the campsite. With an ATV trailer, you can typically haul a few hundred pounds of camping gear and supplies in one trip.

ATVs are extremely popular for hunting, because they make it easier to transport your equipment, and you don’t have to deal with the struggle of dragging your game out of the woods.


An ATV winch is probably one of the most useful accessories you can have for your ATV. A winch can help haul or drag heavy equipment and pull your buddies out of the mud.

Lawn and Field

There are several accessories for your ATV that can save you a significant amount of time while working in the field or in your yard. An ATV can be used for a pull behind tiller and/or rake to help with field plowing jobs. You can even replace your old riding lawn mower and tractor with your ATV and a pull behind mower, seeder and/or spreader.


A trailer attached to the ATV can be used to haul sand, concrete blocks, wood, dirt and anything else you can imagine. Your 4-wheeler can handle extremely heavy loads without tipping and you no longer have to strain your back by doing the hauling yourself.

A trailer is perfect for gathering firewood from the woods. You can get everything in one load and you can drag the full log back to cut it at home instead of in the woods.


There are literally hundreds of uses for an ATV, including fun. Whether you intend to use your ATV for work, pleasure or both, it is important that you get familiar with the machine. If you have never ridden an ATV, consider taking a safety course. Safety is the most important thing, so always ride with eye protection and a helmet.

Want to learn more about what you can do with an ATV? Contact Extreme Motor Sales for more information about the exciting ways you can use your ATV.