I can buy it cheaper but is it worth it?

Apr 13, 2021

Of course you can, you will always find a dropshipper that will sell it cheaper online.  Why?  A dropshipper has no inventory, they have no building,  they have no utilities, they have no employees, they have no bond, they have  no insurance and they have no overhead.  They make a website, plop some  products and pictures that they steal or take from the manufacturers site and  write a few universal descriptions.  They price them sometimes as low as $30  over cost.   The unsuspecting consumer see's a nice site and a cheap price,  so they buy it.  If they are lucky they get the product delivered.  It may be  a different model or color..but it was cheap enough so they don't complain.   Here is where our problems start...It comes in a metal crate.  So you are  expected to remove it from the crate and assemble it.  SO, let's assume you  have the tools and enough help to get it out of the crate...Okay where are  the directions?  Oh..there aren't any?  Next, it looks like bolts are  missing..hmmm now what?  Okay, it's together..but did you assemble it right?   Did you assemble with the right torque specs? How do you prevent it from  falling apart if you didn't?  Next is start up.  So you put gas in and hook  up the battery and it doesn't start..So you call that great website and  well.. you cannot get an answer.  Or if you do, they can't assist you because  the mechanic isn't in..Truth?  These are dropshippers..most of the time they  have never even seen the unit..they cannot tell you how to assemble it, they  cannot tell you how to troubleshoot it when it won't start.  There is no  mechanic, there is only a web guy.   Then they stop answering your calls and  emails.  Now.. it's a birthday present or a Christmas present and you cannot give it to your child not working..So you call around looking for help from the  very same local dealers you slighted because you could buy it online cheaper  than in your local store. Extreme Motor Sales is your local dealer, we have  been in business for 15 years.  We are licensed, insured, bonded, we offer repairs,  parts and service. We are in a great building on 436 with a showroom full of  products to show you.  We know this business, we know what is junk and what  is quality. We know the cheapest thing out there is EXACTLY that.. the  cheapest thing out there and we don't sell it.   You work hard for your money  and you deserve great quaility, great service and support AFTER you buy.    Don't look at just the price, look at the whole picture.   Yes, you surely  find products cheaper online..but wouldn't you rather get a great price, pick  the unit up fully running with a full explanation on how to maintain and keep  it running for years to come?  How about your warranty?  Look at the fine  print from that cheap online company..the part where if you assemble yourself  you void your warranty? Yeah, it's there.   Extreme Motor Sales professionals  Will assemble your unit and provides a solid warranty on your investment.    Did that online company fit your child for the right size product?  How about  helmets and gear? Did they show you how to change the oil?  Did they go over  break in and all the features of your unit?  Do you know where to get parts   and support if you need it?  Are you prepared to do all the work yourself  without any support?   There are more things than just price when it comes to  powersports and we are here to show you OUR Value! 

BUY from Extreme Motor Sales for quality products, service and more!   2327 E Semoran Blvd, Apopka, FL 32703