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Fly Racing Chest Protectors, EVS Roost Protection, EVS Vex Roost Guard, Revo 4 Roost Guard, F2 Modular Roost Protector, Stingray Roost Guard, Covertible II, Mini, Adult, Junior!  

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  • EVS F2 Roost Guard

    The EVS F2 roost guard is the next generation in roost deflection technology. Its full modular design allows you to personalize the fitment to suit your needs on the track.

    • $129.99

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  • EVS Vex Chest Protector

    This slim and lightweight chest protector offers the protection you need at a price you like.

    • $79.99

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  • If a full-on chest protector seems too big and bulky for you, but you still want to have effective roost and impact protection, the REVOLUTION 4 is a real clear choice. Now with front and back/spine protection, it’s the best of both worlds: hard plastic protection without the weight and bulk of a full-size chest protector

    • $59.99

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