Drift Trike

Gas Powered Drift Trike Scooter For Sale

Drift trikes are tricycles that have low-traction rear wheels with surfaces of hard plastic, often PVC. They are designed to drift by intentionally initiating loss of traction to the rear wheels and counter-steering to negotiate corners. 

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  • Extreme 6.5 HP Gas Drift Trike 3 Wheel Big Wheel Kart
    • Expected on Nov 26, 2022


    Gas Powered Drift Trike with 6.5 HP engine. 
    Ever wondered what it would be like riding a big wheel with a huge shot of nitrous? This new drift trike is just that and it is seriously fun. Heavy duty tubular steel frame with a 6.5 horsepower engine and ABS plastic wrapped tires for maximum drifting action. Wild chopper style handlebars with rubber grips let you control the extra wide 4 inch street tread tire mounted on the 26” front wheel. Equipped with hand operated disc brakes

    • $1299.99

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  • MotoTec Electric Motorized Drifter Trike delivers high power and speeds for the ultimate drifting ride

    Having a front powered wheel allows the rider to hold precise drifts versus a rear powered model. The front wheel uses a 500w 48v hub motor with 4 large 12v 12ah batteries and reaches speeds of 22 mph. It includes long comfortable foot rests, front hydraulic disk brake, adjustable handle bars, a seat that folds down and easilty changable plastic disks around the rear tires.

    • $899.99

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