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Scooter X 52cc Hog Gas Scooter X Racer

Scooter X 52cc Hog Gas Scooter X Racer
  • Front Suspension The X-Racer comes with dual shock absorbers in the front end giving you a very plush ride.
  • 52cc Gas Engine This is the most powerfull scooter motor on the market currently. Even though only 3cc more than the old 49cc this new motor blows it away.
  • Top speed 25 mph 33mph with upgrades! X-pipe and HP Filter
  • Centrifugal Clutch This is an Automatic clutch
  • 10 x 3.5 inch Racing Tires These tires are meant for pavement and mild off road use.
  • Front and rear Disc Brakes Disc brakes are much safer than drum or band brakes(commonly used on chinese scooters) for the fact that they work much better.
  • Detachable seat Meaning you can ride with or without the seat. Its 100% removable if you want to stand up.
  • Twist throttle This comes standard on all of our scooters. We find the twist throttles are longer lasting than trigger throttles do to triggers always break.
  • Aluminum Deck Also standard on all ScooterX models is the aluminum deck. Superior to wood for obvious reasons.
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