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The Viaggio 50cc  Scooter:
White, Black, Orange, Silver, Red, Pink and Blue


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Viaggio, in Italian, means "Travel” and you will be traveling in style with the Viaggio 50 . What else would you need to impress other riders during a short trip? Our sizzling Viaggio features a four cycle 50CC engine, automatic transmission, comfortable seating, remote control starting and a head turning Italian design. The Viaggio 50 is light and very easy to handle and it is a perfect choice whether you’re going to the gym or the mall.


Need to get around?
The Viaggio 50cc  Scooter is just made for that purpose. Weather it’s just a run to the store or errands, the  Viaggio 50cc scooter is the most reliable and fuel efficient form of transportation there is.
The  Viaggio 50 scooter uses 4 stroke engines so it is not only quiet but also environmental friendly.

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Viaggio 50cc Vespa Style Italian Scooter

Viaggio 50cc  Moped Scooter:
Not only will you save money on the purchase, but you will also save at the gas pump. This moped scooter pumps out around 80 to 100 miles per gallon. Compare that to 25 mpg for the average small to mid-sized car. Now you can still get to your destinations, but you'll have a lot more cash on hand to spend on yourself, rather than your commute.
The  Viaggio 50cc Scooter is here to appease those who loved the Vespa design. The limited edition has the latest technology but with the classic Vespa look. Equipped with the new 4 stroke engine it sure runs a lot quieter and cleaner than before.

49cc, 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled, Electric and Kick Start, Street Legal, 30+ mph.  99% Assembled.  Under the Seat Storage, headlight, tail-light, front/rear turn signals, brake light and horn.   Fuel Economical: 120 MPG   
DOT/EPA Approved, California CARB approved.

Fuel Economy 120 Miles per Gallon!
   120 MPG

99% Assembled, only minor assembly required.Speeds of 35+

Engine Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, 49.7CC
Cooling Air Cooled
Ignition CDI (Electric Start), Kick Start
Drive Train
Transmission Automatic Clutchless Centrifugal Belt Drive
Chassis and Suspension
Frame Steel
Front Suspension Twin
Rear Suspension Mono shock
Brakes, Rim and Tire
Front Brake Disc Brake
Rear Brake Drum Brake
Front Rim / Tire 3.5"x10" Steel
Rear Rim / Tire 3.5"x10" Steel
Uncrated L 69" x  W 27.5" x H 46.5"  Dry Weight 209lbs
Crated 67"x23"x43"   Weight: 300lbs
Standard 6 Month Limited Warranty
Oil 10W-40
Battery Amp 9 Amp

Controls / Safety


Headlights, Turn Signals, Tail Lights, Brake Lights 


Horn, Headlight Switch, Front Back Signals, Instrument Panel, Keyed Ignition, Kick Start, Kill Switch  



Free Shipping, Decals, Tool Kit 

Government Certifications

EPA Approved, DOT Approved, California CARB Approved 

Additional Information


This Item comes mostly assembled (front tire, battery set up, mirrors and minor adjustments may be required). Be sure to tighten all screws and check for appropriate levels of engine fluid prior to operation. 


Under-Seat Storage, Front Storage

We have Scooter Parts available HERE!

All riders under 16 should ride with adult supervision. All riders should take a safety course. Atvs, dirt bikes, go karts, scooters and mopeds can be hazardous to operate. For your safety, always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never engage in stunt or extreme riding. Riding and alcohol/drugs don't mix. Avoid excessive speeds. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Remember, Atv, dirt bike, go kart, scooter and moped riding is more fun when you play by the rules.

For safety precautions, all vehicles must be assembled, inspected and maintained by a certified technician for warranty to be valid. Be sure to check and tighten all nuts and bolts prior to use. Also, be sure to check for appropriate engine fluid levels to ensure your vehicle is operating under the recommended conditions prior to use. Price does not include sales tax (FL resident only 6.5%), registration and document fee ($55.00).
Price in our local store will be more that our online store due to prep & assembly.







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