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NEW 110cc ATV!

The fully automatic CVT transmission makes our Predator 110cc Kids ATV easy to operate.

Adjustable throttle screw allows speed control down to 5 mph.

The Predator kids ATV 110cc is lightweight and low maintenance and make it perfect for casual yard, field, and trail destruction.

More Pictures:

Predator 110cc Engine

Predator 110cc Throttle Assembly

Automatic Transmission:
ensures smooth shifting and lets the entry-level rider focus on the trail by eliminating a hand-operated clutch

Kill Switch:
with one press of the button, it automatically cuts the engine so you can stop easily
front double a-arm and rear single arm provide a better handling and more comfortable ride

Front Iron Bumper:
supplies protection against injuries on impact

Safety features  focus on the rear disc brake. Oncoming disaster can be quickly averted with this super strong disc that stops with incredible efficiency and speed. This quad also has extremely large 16 x 8 - 7 tires. With these large tires, your child will never have to experience slipping, fishtail, or getting stuck




Kids Helmets
Kids Riding Gear



PREDATOR 110cc Kids Youth ATV

Rear Suspension Front Suspension


110cc Polaris Clone ATV!  Fully automatic with Remote Control
Special Features:
Remote control alarm system
Remote control shutdown
Adjustable speed governor (Throttle Limiter down to 5 MPH)
Parking brake
Heavy-duty suspension
Engine 4-Strokes, Air Cooled, Fully Automatic
Cylinder Single Cylinder
Start System Electric Start
Ignition Keyed CDI
Max Torque 5.6 N.M.5000-6000r/min(N.m./rpm)
Max Power 6.71 HP
Remote Control Remote Kill Switch Control Start, Stop
Drive System Chain Drive
Transmission Fully Automatic
Suspension Front: Dual Swing arms, dual shock-absorber Rear: Mono Shock
Top Speed 45 MPH
Wheel Base 32.7""
Climbing Ability 20 Degrees
Seat Height 23"
Dimensions 54 L x 32"W x 34"H
Tires Front 16x7-8  Rear 16x7-8
Brakes Front Drum and Rear Dual Hydraulic Disc (Foot and Hand)
Weight 213 Lbs
Ground Clearance 4.7"
Max Load 265 lbs
Warranty 6 Months parts warranty