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Kids 110cc go karts will provide hours of off road adventure keeping your child physically active while his brain neurons are sparking and connecting. These vehicles are very easy to learn how to ride with simple controls that don't have a steep learning curve.

Every single one comes standard with rear hydraulic disc brakes. This type of system provides the best and most efficient stopping power available so that your child can remain in complete control of his buggy while in motion. Many other brands only feature a drum brake on the rear which is an older technology that does not stand up to the power of disc brakes. To be sure your child is totally safe on this vehicle, it is a good choice to purchase one of our products.

If there ever is and instance where your child accidentally rolls or flips the sand rail, you can feel safe because all of our products have extra thick steel roll bar cages. These are made specifically to keep the vehicle intact and undamaged in the event of a roll so that your child will come out unscathed. We've gone the extra mile and put thick foam padding on the bars so that if your child's body comes in contact with the steel, he will land on soft padding rather than hard metal. This will protect him from any further injuries that could have occurred.

It's one thing to have a super safe dune buggy, but is it fun to ride? Our kids buggies can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour allowing your child to cover miles of territory in a short amount of time. These powerful engines also provide great endurance to drive up steep inclines so that your child may be called king of the hill. This is the perfect vehicle to keep your child occupied and in great spirits, and you can do this without worrying about your wallet because all of our kids go karts are very inexpensive as compared to other brands.

Take a look at our list of 110cc go karts today and then give us a call so one of our knowledgeable sales staff can guide you through the ordering process at your own pace.






Engine Type:  4-Strokes, Air Cooled, 110cc Honda Clone Engine
Cylinder Arrangement: Single Cylinder
Transmission System: Semi- Automatic Chain Drive with Reverse
Size L 67" X W 45" X H 55"   
Starter System: Electric Starter /Manual
Compression Ratio 8.8:1
Shift Speed Type:  Semi Automatic, 3-Speed with Auto Clutch
Seat Height 15"
Top Speed 35 MPH
Rider Capacity : 2 person
Gross Weight: 400 lbs
Dry Weight: 330 lbs
Brake (Rear): Hydraulic Rear Disc
Tires, Front
Load Capacity  300 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 2
Suspension : Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Ground Clearance  2"
Features Horn, Front Headlights, Rear Brake light, Keyed Ignition, Rack and Pinion Steering, Racing Seats with 3 point seat belts, Adjustable Seat and Honda Clone Engine!


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