The Hammerhead MudHead is fully assembled, quality-certified and packaged right here in our very own United States of America. The MudHead comes equipped with a 208cc LCT electric-start engine as well as an additional backup pull-start. Other standard features include an adjustable driver’s seat with a manual choke underneath for all-weather starting, LED headlights and a 3-year engine parts warranty.
Engine Size: 208cc LCT Power Engine(3 Years Warranty)
Cooling System: Air Cooled
Ignition: Electric  w/Keys & Pull Start Backup
Shaft: Horizontal Shaft
Fuel Capacity: 2.9 Gallons
Drive Train
Clutch: Automatic / Torque Converter
Driveline: Rear 2 Wheel Drive
Body, Chassis and Suspension
Body: Protective Brush Guard/High Strength Steel Front
Seat Belt: 3 Point Harness
Front Suspension: Dual A-Arm
Rear Suspension: Swing A-Arm
Steering: Rack & Pinion
Seats: Individual Bucket Seats
Brakes, Rim and Tire
Brake System: Hydraulic disc brakes
Front Tire: 16x 6-8 Off Road Tires
Rear Tire: 16 x 7-8 Off Road Tires
Controls / Safety
Lighting: LED Headlights
Controls: Electric start, speed limiter, horn, dual head lights, all wheel fenders, adjustable drivers seat, individual seats, canopy top
Overall Length: 70 inches
Overall Height: 51 inches
Overall Width: 43 inches
Dry Weight: 300 Pounds
Warranty: 12 Months Frame
Additional : Adjustable Seats, Aggressive Tires, Cargo Rack, Canopy Top, Dual Horns, Approximate Speed: 26MPH
Free: Tool Kit, Technical Support, Warranty
Certifications: EPA and DOT Approved, C.A.R.B. Approved for California (Green Sticker)
MSO / Title: All Hammerhead Go-Karts come with a factory standard Certificate of Origin (Manufacturer Statement of Origin/MSO, mailed separately) which may be used for registration. We make no guarantee regarding your ability to register this Go-Kart. Each State and county is different and may have different registration requirements. Be sure to check with your local DMV or state authority for registration requirements prior to purchase.

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Hammerhead Mudhead Kids Go Cart -Now a Hammerhead Go Cart for the kids to enjoy. With all the quality of the larger go carts you can not go wrong with the Mudhead!





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The Mudhead has a suggested age range from 8-13yrs (height dependant )

Supplied Fully Built and Tested

The Hammerhead Mudhead is one of the most advanced Kids Off Road Buggies on the market and as Hammerhead are known throughout the world for quality and reliability you can rest assured you have made the right choice.

Please do not compare this buggy with the cheaper unknown brands.

Available in Blue, Red, Black or Orange


 Hammerhead Mudhead  has plenty of pulling power for older kids or teens to drive. The fully automatic CVT belt drive transmission is maintenance free and allows for extremely smooth acceleration. As tough as the new Mudhead  is, your younger kids will love how easy electric starting and learning to drive it is a snap, because of the full front and rear suspension, rack and pinion steering, high ground clearance, ect... Mom and Dad, don't get worried when your children are in this machine - it's safe! Dual seat belts, full overhead brush cage, bucket seats, dual horns, and rear hydraulic disc brake come as standard equipment. Also as standard equipment, you get a canopy rooftop, rear cargo rack, aggressive tires, and much more. The Twister Hammerhead 80T go kart will be a family favorite for years to come.

The Hammerhead Mudhead  is an intermediate full suspension kart featuring electric start, 2 WD live axle, variable ratio torque converter clutch system. With full suspension and rack and pinion steering will tackle any terrain and moderate hills!


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