All New Kazuma Wombat 50cc ATV
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Why is this ATV popular?
An ideal beginner quad for juniors from 4 up to the age of 9, the 50cc allows your child to grow into their quad with simple features that can be adapted for additional challenge as their proficiency grows.

The 50cc ATV is one of the quietest 50cc machines ever made, it boasts a high performance four-stroke engine, child friendly designed finger throttle, child designed foot brake, semi automatic transmission or just throttle and go, and for easy starting an electric start.

A stunning design complete with numerous parental controls combined with a smooth and quiet four stroke engine provide the perfect combination for the junior quad owner.
The machine is very safe and easy to use to suit your child's abilities while still providing a challenge.

If you want fully controllable speed, safe operating, and a level of quietness that means in a 50ft garden you could barely hear it, there is only one choice.



Kazuma Meerkat Kids 50cc ATV


The Meerkat 50 ATV is the # 1 Selling Youth 4-wheeler in the USA!
Order the new Kazuma Wombat 50 ATV today! Upgraded with front brakes, safety switches and more! This is one of the hottest selling Kids ATVs in the World. Very atv kid friendly, loaded with kid atv features Very dependable little ATV. Brand name copy 4 stroke engine, electric start, throttle limiter, safety kill switches, can ride as automatic or semi-automatic. We stock the optional remote control shut-off that fits this model.

ATV is shipped pre-assembled. Straightforward- easy final assembly. Bolt on front wheels, install the battery, adjust the handlebars, tweak the throttle limiter and ride this ATV.

This one is a no-brainer, when in doubt about what to begin junior on, choose this ATV! Easy to operate foot brake. Lock it in first gear and cut down the throttle and make 'em putt safely around the yard! Almost like an oversize Big Wheels!

Speed Restrictor:
You can adjust this down to 5mph while your child is learning to ride the ATV.

Emergency Engine Rear Control:
Attach a 20ft rope to the auto cutoff attachment and walk behind your child while riding.  If your child gets out of control, tug on the rope and the engine shuts off.

Make the ATV Fully Automatic:
Put the ATV in second gear and remove the shifter.
Safety Features: Cut-off lead, Dash cut-off, Governed speed
Engine: 50cc, 4-Stroke
Single Cylinder 
Air Cooled System 
4-Speeds,Semi-Automatic & Fully Auto Clutch
12V,C.D.I.Electric Start w/ Keys
Engine Displacement: 49cc
Fuel type: Unleaded / Separate motor oil
Motor Cut-off: Switch, Lead, Wrist Band
Throttle: Thumb throttle
Suspension: Rear Mono Shock
Lighting: Front headlamp
Gearing: 4-speed, semi-auto. Pulls off in any gear
Max Power (KW/rpm): (3.54Hp) 2.6kw / 8500 rpm
Max Power (Nm/rpm ): 3.0Nm/ 7500rpm
Seat Height: 22.4" (inches)
Tires: (Front)14.5x7-6,   (Rear)14.5x7-6
Brakes: Front & Rear Drum
Max Speed: 20mph/hr
Gas Tank capacity: 4.5L
Unit Size: 44.09" x 24.1" x 28.75"  (L x W x H)
Net Weight: 156 lbs.
Recommended Age: 4-7 under adult supervision

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